Pocket Wooden Comb

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FREE Wooden Sandalwood Comb – Just Pay Shipping.

Our wood and horn combs are hand-crafted using all natural materials that possess properties beneficial to the health and wellness of your hair. They are ergonomically shaped, easy to grip, and comfortable to handle. The ends of the combs’ teeth have been softly rounded to comfortably massage your scalp. This helps to improve blood circulation while gently exfoliating your skin, thereby promoting the health and longevity of your hair and scalp. Unlike combs made from synthetic materials, wood and horn do not generate static electricity, thus reducing excessive drying, breakage, and split ends.


  • Size:12.2*5.6*1.3cm
  • Material:Wood
  • Size:12.2cm*5.6cm*1.3cm (+-0.1cm)
  • Combs Style:Carving Wooden combs

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