BEARD & STACHE WASH – Whiskey Bourbon and Caramel

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• WHISKEY BOURBON & CARAMEL scent profile.

• Cleansing and nourishing beard and moustache facial hair whipped cream soap.

► DETAILS : If you allready trying to deal with your glorious beard and moustache caring, you probably have realized that when it comes to propper cleansing, things can get tricky. You need the right kind of soap which should produce a rich lather which would be thick and strong enough to deal with coarse facial hair but in the same time thin and soft enough for treating the right way your facial skin as well. It should also make your care routine easier and be practical in use.

Elixirium’s BEARD & STACHE WASH is a whipped cream wash, especially designed and formulated for your facial hair.
This wash as well as the entire elixirium’s BEARD & STACHE line, is the result of months thorough research and numerous trials and errors, in order to become of super premium quality and top of the line, signature beard and moustache care products.

BEARD & STACHE WASH all natural ingredients will not only cleanse and soften your beard and stache but will also nourish facial hair and skin. Activated Charcoal will draw out all impurities, Sweet Almond Oil and vitamin E will moisturize and nourish facial hair while Organic liquid silk and Red Clay will soften and make beard and moustache silky smooth and neat.

An additional mix of different combinations of essential oils perfects the formula, giving you a subtle manly signature scent of your choice, because surely you don’t want just to look great but smell fabulous as well. If you are an unscented products fan you can always select the unscented version of this facial hair elixir.

WHISKEY BOURBON & CARAMEL has a sweet yet spicy and thick scent profile, with french vanilla top notes, intriguing spicy black pepper heart notes and a calm base note of a woody scent of rosewood.


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