BEARD & STACHE WΑΧ- Whiskey Bourbon Carame

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• WHISKEY BOURBON & CARAMEL scent profile.

• Organic beard and moustache styling and nourishing wax
• Medium hold – 100% Chemicals free

► DETAILS : Styling and sculpting your beard and mustache is not an easy task. Coarse facial hair have their own mind and many times prefer to make you look more like a hedgehog than a stylish bearded man which probably is your goal.

Elixirium’s BEARD & STACHE WAX is your weapon in the battle of mustache and beard styling. Like the entire elixirium’s BEARD & STACHE line, it is the result of months thorough research and numerous trials and errors, in order to become of super premium quality and top of the line, signature beard and moustache care products.

BEARD & STACHE WAX is formulated using premium natural ingredients like Bees Wax, Lanoline (sqeezed wool wax) and Jojoba oil, which will give you a medium hold, styling medium but in the same time will protect and nourish your facial hair.

Now the perfect styled and sculpted mustache and beard is literally at your fingertips.

An additional mix of different combinations of essential oils perfects the formula, giving you a subtle manly signature scent of your choice, because surely you don’t want just to look great but smell fabulous as well. If you are an unscented products fan you can always select the unscented version of this facial hair elixir.

WHISKEY BOURBON & CARAMEL has a dark and warm scent profile, with pointy sweet whiskey top notes and burned caramel afternotes with some hidden undernote hints of vanilla.


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