BEARD & STACHE CONDITIONER – Vanilla Pepper Sandalwood

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• All natural Facial hair softening, nourishing and toning conditioner cream.
• Silicone free.

► DETAILS : A significant step in the road of growing and maintaining an epic beard and mustache is definately a right and effective conditioner.

Elixirium’s BEARD & STACHE CONDITIONER is formulated from the ground up especially for facial hair use.
Like the entire elixirium’s BEARD & STACHE line, it is the result of months thorough research and numerous trials and errors, in order to become of super premium quality and top of the line, signature beard and mustache care products.

A carefully designed blend of vegan wax, organic butters like Shea and Coconut butter, organic Argan, Avocado, Jojoba and Castor oils along with organic Liquid Silk proteins and vitamin F are forming a rich conditioning cream which is really the key to a silky soft, vivid, propperly moisturized and well nourished and wonderfully scented glorious breard and mustache.

BEARD & STACHE CONDITIONER actually works like a facial hair mask and after use prepare to look and feel your glorious facial hair like never before.

An additional mix of different combinations of essential oils perfects the formula, giving you a subtle manly signature scent of your choice, because surely you don’t want just to look great but smell fabulous as well. If you are an unscented products fan you can always select the unscented version of this facial hair elixir.

VANILLA, PEPPER & SANDALWOOD has a sweet yet spicy and thick scent profile, with french vanilla top notes, intriguing spicy black pepper heart notes and a calm base note of a woody scent of rosewood.


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